A Crash Course in Guitar Theory

    Chapter 1: The Basics

Lesson 1 - String Names

This is a guitar fret board...
Guitar fret board diagram showing all the string names

Looking at the image above, it may seem upside down or backwards.

But this is how it looks (from your perspective) when you're holding the guitar and looking down at the fretboard.

There are 6 strings on the average guitar

The 1st. and biggest string is called the Low (big) E STRING.

The 2nd biggest string is called the A STRING.

The 3rd biggest string is and is called the D STRING.

The 4th string is just a bit smaller and called the G STRING.

the 5th string is a tiny bit smaller and called the B STRING.

The 6th. string is the smallest and is called the HIGH (small) E STRING.


To remember the string names, use this acronym...

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