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Private Guitar Lessons

    with Kirk Malay author of the book A Crash Course in Guitar Theory.

In-Person or with Live video on Skype or Facetime!

In person

Serving:  Plainfield - Joliet - Shorewood and outlying area...

Skype or Facetime

Distant video lessons are available to any English speaking students with a fast connection.


All lessons are taught using simple yet timeless music theory.

Understand how all music works and what makes it sound right.

Learn improvisation, soloing and song writing skills.  

Learn all the popular chords, scales and arpeggios, in every key, over the entire guitar fret board.


Lessons come with...

- Printed and/or web site daily homework pages.

- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube & Google+ extras.

- Email and text support for advice, scheduling, cancellations, questions etc...



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Lessons at the teacher's home are...

30 minutes = $24

45 minutes = $29

60 minutes = $34

90 minutes = $44

120 minutes = $54


Lessons at the student's home...

30 minutes = $30

45 minutes = $35

60 minutes = $40

90 minutes = $50

120 minutes = $60


Distant students outside of the travel range (more that 15 miles away)...

30 minutes = $29

45 minutes = $34

60 minutes = $39

90 minutes = $54

120 minutes = $59


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About me...

Kirk Malay - Guitar TeacherAbout two decades ago, I bought my first guitar from a pawn shop in Las Vegas and have been playing and loving guitar ever since. During and after college, I spent most of my time in the music scene of Las Vegas. I also spent much of that time (about 12 years) studying and gathering information about playing guitar and music composition.

Relevant education and qualifications...

In college I studied music theory, ear training, composition, performing and many hours of vocal coaching. I later composed and produced a rock musical for the school. I also attended some computer programming classes in order to make guitar software, such as "The Daily Guitar” practice system, which was a featured product for the Rock & Roll Society’s booth at the National Association of Music Merchants (N.A.M.M.) trade show in California. 

Since then, I authored and published the book “A Crash Course in Guitar Theory”. I continued on, to make music for video games, create guitar and music lesson websites and recently developed guitar lessons apps for mobile phones and tablets. Now, I’m giving private music theory lessons with the focus on guitar.Guitar lesson book by Kirk Malay

     Benefits from taking these lessons...

I have years of music theory, guitar education, self teaching and playing experience. The unique lesson course I’ve developed can easily benefit any student. From the very first lesson, I teach the universal language of “music theory” (the structure of all music) and show how to apply the theory to the entire guitar. With such knowledge, a student can not only play the guitar, but also apply the same knowledge to many other instruments. A student can also read music, write songs, improvise, understand how to make music, and know why music works the way it does. Once a student has mastered the basics of music structure, they can play music with other players and even teach others how to play.

     What students can expect when taking lessons?

Upon arriving at my home, the student will be greeted by my smiling face. We will then continue to the roomy, open and comfortable studio space, featuring computers and musical instruments for both the student and the teacher. We will start by talking about the student’s goals, ambitions and about how much or little the student already knows about playing the guitar. We’ll also talk about what will be expected and go over a basic outline of what will be taught. At the same time, I’ll be taking notes so we can monitor the student’s desired progress in the future. First the student will learn a hand strength exercise to use every day to warm up and strengthen the fingers and wrist. We then immediately start the lessons at the very beginning of basic guitar theory, no matter what the student already knows or does not know. We’ll go through the lessons as fast as the student’s previous knowledge allows or as slow as the student’s limitations dictate. Before leaving, the student will be reminded what to practice and receive a small preview about upcoming lessons (I do this to keep them motivated and excited). Throughout every lesson, I continually remain aware of the student’s facial expressions and struggles. I’ll stop to explain the lessons in more detail if needed and/or assure the student that we’ll continue to go over it again until they fully understand everything.

     What curriculum is being use?

Kirk Malay of GuitarBasics.comI teach using the timeless system of music theory as applied to the guitar. This form of learning music, educates the guitar student, in a way that reading tablature or memorizing a few songs and chords can not. By learning music this way right from the beginning, a student understands what makes music sound great. I also integrate my trademarked “Lesson Mode of the Day” routines, so that the student has daily exercises they can practice at home, to keep them focused and motivated.

     After 6 months or so, what will a student learn?

By learning these lessons in this format, a guitar student should start to be familiar with all the common; modes scales, chords and arpeggios and be able to play them in every key over the entire fret board within 5-6 months, (much sooner for actively participating students). A student should also be able to understand how all the lesson elements relate and fit together. Within just a few months more, the student should be able to move on to the ever popular and very fun, “improvising and writing” lessons, which we will be doing together, along with computer generated background music.

     Are the lessons strict or laid back?

I show students how music is structured in an easy “laid back” way, which students of all ages can understand and enjoy practicing. All my students and I have lots of fun learning guitar this way, by actually learning and not just memorizing. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing a students face light up with those many “ah ha” moments of understanding!


      What are the benefits of learning music?

Older adults who took music lessons as children but haven’t actively played an instrument in decades have a faster brain response to a speech sound than individuals who never played an instrument, according to a new study by Northwestern University researchers.  Read more...



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     8am - 9pm   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday




If your lesson is scheduled at my house...

My address is...

2329 Graystone Drive
Joliet IL. 60431
United States

Driving Directions ( see Google map )

On Essington just south of Caton Farm Rd. Turn onto Fiday Rd. and take 2nd. right into the Wexford community at Graystone Drive


Go to the end of Graystone Drive and park on street near last mail boxes on left. You'll see a sign with address numbers, go to 2329.


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