The Daily Guitar Lessons

The Mode of the Day™ Exercise System by Kirk Malay 
A day-to-day lesson plan for basic guitar theory mastery.


1. Practice today's free guitar lessons
      Basic theory exercises for each day of the week (70 total).  

2. Return tomorrow for another set of lessons (they change each weekday).
      Bookmark this page and always start each new day here.

3. Continue with the daily exercises (until you're comfortable with the format).
      Practice for a few weeks, then once your ready to commit to practicing every day, go to step 4...

4. Become a student (70 new lessons each week for a year) - .
      Master all the basic chords, scales, arpeggios and understand how they all fit together with 3,300+ total lessons.
      Already a student?
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Useful information...

At the top of each lesson there are several helpful links.  Visit these links often, especially the first "Help with Daily Exercises" link.  These pages provide help in understanding all the charts and diagrams used in the lessons. It also provides subtle hints and information that may be valuable to your guitar learning progress. Again, not everything is covered in these lessons, it is best for you to make some discoveries on your own, so be attentive.  

Preface - Introduction - Finger stretch exercise video

Private Guitar Lessons are also available via Skype or FaceTime!