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Jackson guitars have been around for decades and are a favorite brand of many guitar players. They have a rich history, come in various body types and are available for sale at most guitar stores.  Starting in the early 80's, the guitar player Randy Rhodes (of Ozzy Osbourne fame) help create the brand w/ the now famous Grover Jackson of Charvel guitars.  Since then, Jackson has become very successful and a preferred choice guitars of many rockers world wide especially, in the hard rock genre.    There have been a plethora of amazing designs over the years, w/ the new and expensive models being just as cool as the cheap and used ones.

Jackson Guitar Models for Sale

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   New models...

Jackson Soloist guitar

Jackson warrior guitar

Jackson san dimas guitar
San Dimas

Jackson King V Guitars
King V

Jackson Dominion Guitar

Jackson Kelly Guitar

Jackson dinky guitar

Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar




Top favorites...

DK2S Dinky  w/ Sustainiac

KVX10 King V

RR3 Rhoads Pro Series

WR1 USA Warrior







Pro Artist Guitars...

Christian Olde Wolbers Dinky

Custom Randy Rhoads Tribute Relic  

DK Adrian Smith Dinky

Mark Morton Dominion

Phil Demmel Demmelition King V

USA PC-1 Phil Collen

USA RR1 Randy Rhoads Select Series









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Custom, Vintage & More...

DK2 Dinky

DK2L Dinky Left-Handed

DK2T Dinky

DKMG Dinky  w/ EMGs

DKMGT Dinky  w/ EMGs.

DX10D Dinky

DXMG Dinky

MG Series RR24M Rhoads

V Series Case for RR and King V

JS1R Dinky

JS22R Dinky

JS23 Dinky

JS30RR Rhoads

JS32 Kelly w/ Floyd Rose

JS32 King V w/ Floyd Rose

S32 Rhoads w/ Floyd Rose

JS32 Warrior w/ Floyd Rose

JS32R Dinky w/ Floyd Rose

JS32RT Dinky

JS32T Kelly

JS32T King V

JS32T Rhoads

JS32T Warrior

KE2 Kelly USA

KE3 Kelly

KE5FR Kelly  w/ Floyd Rose Tremolo

KV2 King V USA

KV5FR King V  w/ Floyd Rose Tremolo

MG Series DKMG Dinky

PDX Demmelition King V w/Black Bevels

RR24 Rhoads  w/ EMG

RR3 Rhoads

RR5 Rhoads

RR5FR Rhoads

RX10D Rhoads

SL1 USA Soloist

SL2H Custom USA

SL3MG Soloist  w/ Floyd Rose Bridge

SLAT3-6 Soloist Archtop

SLAT3-7 Soloist Archtop 7-string

SLS3 Soloist

SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist

WRMG Warrior  w/ EMGs

WRXT Warrior