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All BC Rich Body types and models


Eagle   Gunslinger   Ironbird   Mockingbird   Stealth   V   Virgin   Virgo   Warbeast   Warlock


ASM Pro   ASM Standard   Guy Marchais Signature ASM   Outlaw 6   Outlaw 7   Outlaw 8


Beast V   Beast V NT


Bich Perfect 10   Bich Double Neck   Bich Masterpiece   Pro X Bich   Steve Smyth Signature 6 String Bich   Steve Smyth Signature
7 String Bich   Bich Supreme   Bich 10 Supreme   2012 Bich ST   2012 Bich Doubleneck  


Eagle Masterpiece   Eagle Archtop   Eagle Classic Deluxe   Eagle One Archtop   Eagle CJ Pierce   2012 Neil Giraldo Signature Eagle  
Greg Weeks Signature Eagle   Eagle Masterpiece 4 String Bass


Gunslinger Retro   USA Gunslinger   Jon Donais


Ironbird 1   Ironbird Pro   Ironbird Standard


Mockingbird ST   Mockingbird Exotic Classic   Mockingbird Archtop    Mockingbird Masterpiece   Mockingbird Pro X   Mockingbird Special X  
Pro X Mockingbird Hardtail    Neil  Boshart Signature Mockingbird   2012 Pro X Mockingbird    Mockingbird ST7   Mockingbird SL Deluxe
2012 Mockingbird ST   2012 Mockingbird STQ   2012 Pro X Mockingbird Hardtail   Pro X 2 Mockingbird   Heritage Classic Mockingbird Bass
Mockingbird Masterpiece 4 String   Mockingbird ST Bass


Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute   Stealth Marc Rizzo   Stealth One   Stealth NT


Kerry King Signature V Generation 2   Draco Ghost Flame   JR V 7   JR V NJ Deluxe   JR V Icon   JR V Standard
Kerry King V   Kerry King Signature V   Metal Master V   Metal Master V Generation 2   JRV 7 Hardtail  
25th Anniversary Kerry King V-Tribe   2012 JR V NJ Deluxe   Matt Tuck Signature V   2012 Kerry King 25th Anniversary Jr V


Virgin 1   Virgin Standard   Virgin 4 Bass   Virgin NT Bass


Virgo Celtic Tremolo   Virgo Vintage Celtic   Virgo Vintage Celtic Bass


Warbeast NJ Deluxe   Warbeast 1   Warbeast Trace   Warbeast Trace T   Warbeast WMD   Warbeast Trace Bass


Warlock Metal Master Tribal Fire   Warlock NJ Deluxe   Warlock Kerry King 7   Kerry King Wartribe   Warlock Metal Master Blade   
Warlock Revenge   Warlock One   Warlock Widow   Red Bevel Warlock Pack   Kerry King Wartribe 1   Kerry King Wartribe 6  
Joey Jordison Warlock II    NT Warlock   Joey Jordison Signature Warlock   Pro X Warlock    Terrence Hobbs Warlock  
2012 NJ Warlock   2012 Lita Ford    Pro X 2 Warlock   Warlock Paolo Gregoletto Signature Bass   Warlock Paolo Gregoletto Signature Bass 5  
Warlock Revenge Bass   Warlock One Bass